5 Czech Composers Before The 19th Century

The Czech nation has a distinguished classical music tradition. Two of the nation’s most well known composers are Antonin Dvorak and Bedrich Smetana. The Czech classical music tradition dates back to the 1500s.

Johann Baptist Georg Neruda lived in the 1700s. In addition to composing music, Neruda was also a violinist and conductor in Dresden. Neruda wrote many symphonies, operas, concertos and choral works for the church.

Christoph Gluck was from the area of Bohemia. He is mostly known for his operatic (more…)

Traditions And Contemporary Czech Art And Music

Traditions And Contemporary Czech Art And Music

Contemporary Czech Paintings
The exhibition spaces in the Municipal Library are a great way to check out the latest Czech paintings on display. The current exhibition documents the lives of famous Czech artists from the mid to late ’70s. Some of the artists included in the retrospective are Filip Cerny, Petr Malina, Jakub Spanhel, Josef Bolf and Petr Petrbok. The theme of the present exhibition documents alternative perspectives on the concept of objectivity. The works exhibited offer a wide range of powerful Czech artists exploring the boundaries of the (more…)

Tipping At A Restaurant In The Czech Republic

If you are someone who is going to be traveling to the Czech republic soon, you will discover that you need to know more about tipping. You will be tipping taxis and porters, but tipping at a restaurant is something else again.

When you are in the Czech Republic, you will find that tipping is customarily set at between five and ten percent. When you are determining how much to tip, remember that you are judging the service on the promptness of the meal and the diligence of the server. Servers (more…)

7 Facts Regarding Czech Traditional Cuisine

If you wish to go on a diet or are partial to nouvelle cuisine with tiny helpings on a big plate, skip Czech food. Czech good is unabashedly hearty and caloric. Here are seven facts about traditional Czech cuisine:

1. Czech cuisine is based on beef and pork. These meat dishes are the mainstays of Czech goulash and are often served with dumplings called knedliky. They’re made from potato or wheat flour.

2. Potatoes are another staple. Not only are knedliky made from potato flour but traditional Czech cuisine loves potatoes boiled, fried, baked and in (more…)

10 Czech Traditions And Festive Holidays

The Czech calendar is filled with many traditional holidays and festivals, including those below.

Derived from the same Celtic rite as Groundhog Day, Hromnice is associated with predicting the arrival of spring.

This observance held on the traditional feast day of St. Joseph has little religious significance today but is a day for special meals, parades and wearing red.

Czechs celebrate Easter with many pre-Christian traditions including hand painted eggs, noisy wooden rattles and symbolic lashings with willow (more…)

3 Tips For Proper Czech Greeting Etiquette

Greeting others is very important in Czech culture, and greeting another person properly is a good way to get off on the right foot. Below are three tips that will help you to do this.

1. Always say hello and goodbye. This is important not just in social situations but when entering a shop or even a busy elevator. You should say “Dobr den” in the daytime and “Dobr veer” in the evening. When you leave a place, you should say “Na skledenau.”

2. Shake hands in formal situations and kiss on each cheek with close friends. When (more…)

Gift Giving In The Czech Culture

Unique Customs

Many cultures have unique customs concerning giving and accepting gifts. The Czech culture has time-honored traditions concerning receiving and giving presents. It is customary for guests to bring a gift to a host in the Czech Republic. Providing a gift of a bottle of wine, boxed chocolates, fruit basket or flowers is acceptable in the personal home of an individual. A guest should dress modestly while using the host’s full name and title. Be prepared to remove your (more…)